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Shenzhen Yan Jiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial control products development, production, sales and automation systems integration company. The main products are ultra-thin industrial tablet PCs, fanless Industrial Panel PC, android tablet PC industry,i3i5i7 Industrial Panel PC, low energy consumption Industrial Panel PC, industrial computer, industrial motherboard, and industrial control program customization. Motherboard OEM customization, custom Atom motherboard solutions, the company is a major issue, the company has R & D Department has been committed to the development of this project andPractice, and on this basis developed a number of products. The spirit of "customer-centric" business philosophy, others the principles of "honesty, equality", hospitality customers, the truth customer service, maximize customer benefits and value to ensure that users of the product can be appliedReliability and security.

The company has a computer, industrial control very experienced professional and technical team, in collaboration with Intel, AMD, VIA, AUO, AMT and many other industrial manufacturers of hardware and software. And in 2005, we set up R & D center in Taiwan, the advanced industrial computer control Technical services in China's traditional industries, to enhance the level of technological innovation and application of industrial control equipment, enhance the company's reputation in the industry.

With a wide range of industries, channels and rapid adaptability to the market, the rapid development of the company's business in a very short period of time together, and in a number of government and scientific research institutions have also established business relationships with integrity, enterprising spirit and a wide range of client Resources, the company's business in the fierce competition in the market have been developing steadily. Over the years, a number of large domestic enterprises to provide a large number of automation engineering equipment and a number of automated control system design, in this process, the company's scope of business and technology services are In to a higher and deeper level, the progressive realization of the equipment supplier to system integrators transition. Meanwhile, in the process of rapid expansion, the company abide by integrity, service, efficiency, innovative business philosophy, to provide customers with better service and more competitive Products on the basis of force, committed to building a sincere cooperation and forge ahead of the corporate culture. Maintain pragmatic, prudent consistent style, to truth-seeking, innovative style led the improvement of the overall level, and reflected in the promotion, sales, applications, services which,Thus in the minds of customers and partners to establish a good corporate image.

We have to "recruit more capable personnel, develop new markets, expand cooperation and share the achievements of" cooperation mechanism, cherish the credibility built up with our customers. While focusing on the establishment of a harmonious, respect and trust each person's corporate culture, emphasizing honesty, dedication spirit of cooperation.The company will continue to improve their technological level and pragmatic system, and further strengthen cooperation with the customer, focusing on customer benefits and practical contribution to the development of common meager strength.

Integrity management, professional services, full range of products, warm and sincere service attitude, we look forward with you to create brilliant.